Plato No More (tinkerfuckbell) wrote in zodiac_speaking,
Plato No More

i have 2 things to say, as a new member.

1. my grandfather was a cop in SF during the Zodiac killings and worked on his case. i think its safe to say that he didnt do a good job finding him. hahaha, but my dad...used to have the Wanted Sign for the Zodiac killer with sketches of his face.

2. im gunna get a zodiac killer tattoo. i found a hella sick drawing of him.

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The paper bag one with a shadow?
Me too, when I turn 18 I'm getting a tatt of him in my lower back
yeah and when i turn eighteen i'm getting one on my ass!!!!!!
Well I am getting his code on my cock! BEAT THAT!
Or actully a his code would be good on somewhere else.
sorry about the sarcasm...well, no, i'm not but i'm sorry that it was mean...even though it wasn't.