Hey,everyone. I was wondering if any of you can give me any good titles to read as far as serial killers and any type of mass murders goes. I have three I'm ready to read--"Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders"; "My Life Among the Serial Killers"; and "Mindhunter". Any comments would be appreciated!!! Thx.
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I'm new.

Hello this is CyCo Miko. A couple of years I became fasinated with mass murders serial killer and the paranormal. I have read helter skelter which I find very good. I am in the middle of reading Zodiac, which is very good so far. I am glad to be a part of this community and would like to say that I started a community of my own Called "serial_kill".
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Short story influenced serial killer?

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I doubt anyone reads this thing anymore, but here I am, hoping that perhaps I'm onto something.

If you're familiar with the Zodiac Killer, you should know that he found human intelligence to be more of a challenge than any old animal, that hunting humans might be more game than say, a bear. I understand this, and recall stumbling upon a short story, "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connells, and being vividly reminded of the Zodiac. I was, however, too lazy to do more research on the story itself until recently.

"The Most Dangerous Game" was written around 1924 or so, way before the Zodiac ever killed a single being. It is quite possible that he might have stumbled upon this story and somehow been influenced by it. What I found peculiar was the target-like symbol that resembled Zodiac's symbol on the cover art of the book. Though many will say that's the targeting symbol on the gun, it can be assumed that instead of adopting the symbol from his Zodiac Seawolf watch, he could have gotten it from there.

I know this is quite ameteur, but it seemed possible to me. It's also a good, short read, and brings you into the hunting mind of a killer, possibly alike that of the Zodiac's.

Any thoughts, ideas, or comments are greatly appreciated, of course.

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i have 2 things to say, as a new member.

1. my grandfather was a cop in SF during the Zodiac killings and worked on his case. i think its safe to say that he didnt do a good job finding him. hahaha, but my dad...used to have the Wanted Sign for the Zodiac killer with sketches of his face.

2. im gunna get a zodiac killer tattoo. i found a hella sick drawing of him.